Series Spotlight | The Tomorrow Series

Tomorrow Series

Author: John Marsden
Pan Macmillan
YA, Action/Adventure
Rating: 5/5

The Tomorrow series is about a group of teenagers that get caught up in the invasion and occupation of Australia by a foreign power. The seven books are narrated by Ellie Linton in the style of a journal.

The series begins with Ellie and a group of friends taking a camping trip in the bush near the Linton family farm – they make their way down to a place known by the locals as Hell. The group return to find their families are gone. Eventually, they come to understand that their country has been invaded and their entire town taken prisoner. After gathering information and supplies, the group head back to Hell avoid being captured. Over the series, the teenagers become a gang of highly wanted guerrillas who wreak havoc around the town of Wirrawee and neighbouring cities.

This is a series about the horrors of modern war, and how a group of teenagers can have a huge impact. It doesn’t downplay any of the brutality, and not everyone comes out the other side. It deals with the psychological effects that something of this magnitude has on the people who are right in the middle of it. This is a very powerful series than readers of YA and adult fiction alike will enjoy.

Though I wouldn’t really call this a dystopian series, I recommend it to fans of that genre, as it has a few similarities. This is a very action based series, so anyone who likes that kind of thing will also really enjoy it.

The first book can be found here:
Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 3.00.48 pm

The first book of the sequel series – The Ellie Chronicles, set just after the war – can be found here:While I Live (The Ellie Chronicles #1)

The top photo is of my copies of the books


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