Series Spotlight | The Chronicles of Ancient Darkness

Chronicles of Ancient Darkness

Author: Michelle Paver
Children’s, Fantasy, Adventure, Pre-History
Number of Books: 6

Set 6000 years ago in Stone Age Europe, the series follows Torak, Renn, and Wolf. At the beginning of the first book, Torak is alone after his father is killed by a demonic bear that is terrorising the forest. It isn’t long before Torak stumbles upon Wolf, a recently orphaned cub, with whom he can communicate (having spent around three months in a wolf den as a baby). Torak and Wolf eventually meet Renn, a girl from the Raven Clan, whom they soon befriend. Throughout the series, the trio (among other things) aim to defeat the Soul Eaters, a group of former clan mages who have turned to evil, and who seek to control the forest.

I’m not really sure why I decided to spotlight this series, as it’s been between six and seven years since I read the books (and I’ve been planning on re-reading them for the last three years). I do remember that it’s a really good series, though. Michelle Paver put in a lot of research regarding the Stone Age, and fauna and flora that would have been in Europe at that time. The historical accuracy of the books is insane and has apparently been recognised in archeological circles.

Aside from all of that, I really love all the main characters of these books. The story is told from the three perspectives of the main characters (including Wolf!), favouring Torak’s POV. I can’t remember specifics, but I know that many of the characters are very complex for a children’s series, and all very loveable. The chapters from Wolf’s POV are always very interesting and fun to read.

The premise is very unique and thoroughly encapsulating. The whole world feels very real, which has a lot to do with the description of everything. Due to Paver’s knowledge of the era, everything from food to animals to plant life is described in incredible detail. All that information was so thrilling to me as an 11/12-year-old, and I’m sure older readers would love it just as much.

While I can’t remember many details from this series, I get a feeling of great love whenever I think about it. Though I have many books on my TBR, I still really want to get around to re-reading it as soon as I get the chance. No doubt, when that time comes, I’ll be posting reviews 🙂

Anyways, though this is technically a middle grade series, it doesn’t really feel like it. I highly recommend you give it a shot, as it really is a great story.

The first book can be found here:



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